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Building Boating’s Future… Today!

You can download and print a pdf copy of the below Rules by clicking here.

Event Objectives: To introduce young marine enthusiasts and the community to the craft of boat building and the excitement of recreational boating.

Crew Objectives: To design, build and race a sea-worthy vessel and paddles in two days using limited materials.

Event Beneficiaries: A portion of Plywood Regatta proceeds benefit South Florida Marine Industry Education Programs and the Plywood Regatta Scholarship Fund

Advanced/ College 

Young adult marine technical and college students interested in or pursuing careers in the marine industry.


High school students interested in the marine industry or participating in the Marine Magnet Program.


Middle school students participating in a marine magnet program or interested in the marine industry.

Lauderdale Marine Center Cup Overall Champion

The overall winning team of the final inter-division race

Division Awards

For top three teams from each racing division

Most Spirited Team

For the team that works together well and shows the most Plywood Regatta enthusiasm

Best Decorated Boat

The one that looks the coolest

Most Innovative Design

Most creative design, whether or not it functions!

Future Yacht Broker Award

This is for the one that sinks. “Those who can’t build, sell!”

Courage & Perseverance

For the kids that put their whole heart into it but their boat won’t quite do the same …

Fort Lauderdale Mariners Club Award (Best All Around)

This award goes to the best overall team.  The winning team should demonstrate good teamwork, team spirit, a clean work site, have a pretty good boat design that is well decorated and actually works!

Propeller Design Champion

This new award goes to the team who creates the fastest propeller.

The following materials will be supplied:

  •  3 sheets of 4’ x 8’ 1/4” Luan plywood
  •  2 pieces of 2” x 2” x 8’ wood
  •  4 pieces of 1” x 2” x 10’ wood
  •  120 tie wraps
  •  12 cartridges of 3M 5200- Fast Cure caulk
  •  2 life jackets
  •  Interlux paints of various colors

Your team may supply & use the following:

  •  Protective eyewear (i.e. goggles or glasses) is MANDATORY during use of power tools
  •  1 electric jigsaw
  •  1 electric/ battery drill
  •  1 extension cord/ power strip
  •  Caulking guns (manual or electric)
  •  Saw horses
  •  Clamps
  •  Decals for decorative purposes
  •  Drill bits
  •  Jigsaw blades
  •  Miscellaneous hand tools
  •  Hand files
  •  Sandpaper
  •  Foam cushions to be used for knee protection during race

ONE team captain must be chosen (no mentors or volunteers, students only).

This team captain will be responsible for overall team behavior, as well as be the responsible party for thank you card submission and supply pickup. Please list this Team Captain on the registration form PRIOR to Saturday, April 4th.


Glasses/ safety goggles MUST be worn during use of power tools

Only the allowed and supplied materials can be used

Only 6-8 participants per team

Mentors can only be involved on a limited basis

No patterns, templates, or full size drawings may be used

No motors, sails, or surfboards

Decoration of boats must be complete on Saturday

All tie wraps must be completely covered by caulk or removed prior to racing


Series of Qualifying Heats & Final Races

Fastest boat per class moves on to the next heat

Only two people from the building team per boat per race PLUS one pusher

No misuse of paddles, including intimidation, hitting, or pushing off of other boats or people

 Life jackets MUST be worn during the race

The judges’ decisions are final

Judges have the authority to disqualify a team if they see necessary.

  •  Appropriate dress IS REQUIRED. Swimsuits may be worn UNDER your clothing, however, shirts and shorts MUST be worn over swimwear at all times on Saturday, and shorts must be worn over swimwear at all times on Sunday.
  •  Closed-toe shoes required.
  •  No cursing or foul language permitted.
  •  Paint is meant for the boats, NOT for your skin.
  •  No stereos or iPod speakers. You may bring personal stereos or MP3 players with headphones.
  •  NO alcoholic beverages allowed in the Plywood Regatta Boatyard or Race Area.
  •  Unsafe practices and unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated and are grounds for disqualification.
  •  Judges have the authority to disqualify a team at their discretion.

• DO NOT use the public restrooms. Port-A-Potties and a designated cleanup station will be available.

Please park ONLY in designated areas or face disqualification.