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Event Schedule
Building Boating’s Future…Today!


7:15-8:00 a.m. Staging and unloading of supplies.

It is very important that you arrive early if you are the vehicle carrying your team’s supplies. You will be limited in the time you have to unload your equipment, so we must work together in order to be successful.

8:00-8:10 a.m.    Mentors’ Meeting

8:10-8:30 a.m.    Supply Distribution and Team Meeting

8:30 a.m.            Building and Painting of Plywood Regatta Boats Commences

6:00 p.m.            Building and Painting Ends
                             DECORATION OF YOUR BOAT MUST BE
                             COMPLETED AT THE END OF THE DAY ON



8:00 a.m.    Clean-up and Team Photos Begin

8:30 a.m.    Boat Line Up and Team Photos Begin

9:30 a.m.    Plywood Regatta Race Heats Begin

12:45 p.m.   Group photo of all Plywood Regatta participants

1:00 p.m.    Awards Ceremony


** We give five Spirit Awards in addition to Division Places and Overall Places.                    

Everyone has a chance to win, so stick around – you might need to celebrate!